Zach's Statement

I founded The Kill Meth Foundation to help support and provide resources to those recovering from and affected by methamphetamine use. I battled this drug nearly to my own death. My story does not consist of fancy cars and big parties. My addiction took me to unspeakable places. But with the help of community resources and support, I am here a clean man. I have deep empathy for those struggling with this drug. The Kill Meth Foundation will do everything possible to ensure that funding for resources is available to meth-addicted people who seek that help. Together we stand.

I was homeless, defeated and imprisoned. My 15-year love affair with meth was killing me. Tired, alone and sick, I thought, “There has to be something better. This life is not my goal. I am loved. I am somebody.”

 I did not deserve the self-torture and the pain, and neither do you. All it took for me was asking for something better and taking action. The Universe did the rest.

 My goal is to shine light in a dark room, your dark room. A moment of clarity is all it takes. I am happy you’re reading this. It means your chance of recovery is very good. Your new life awaits you.


Having battled drug addiction for more than 15 years, Zach spent time in prison where he began the long journey towards sobriety and re-establishing himself as a productive member of society…that was seven years ago. Through this journey, Zach engaged with the recovery/outreach communities at-large and developed into a stalwart for multiple organizations. He has been actively involved in 12-step programs, Crystal Meth Anonymous, and has capitalized on his platform of employment to engage others on the subject of meth awareness, particularly within the LGBT community. He has also worked with the federal government in the Preparing for Prison Program for young men entering the penal system for drugs and drug-related crimes.

My hope is to shine light
in a dark room.
— Founder Zach Ivey