This site has no agenda. It is a place for addicts to access a variety of help, ranging from complete abstinence to harm reduction. We want to remove the idea that clean and sober people are boring by providing photos and current stories. We will show what sober people are doing and offer addicts a look at having a fuller life.



The foundation is selling hats and T-shirts to raise money to carry out its mission of bringing drug addiction, particularly addiction to methamphetamine, out of the shadows and into the light of social media.

This PRIDE season, Kill Meth has been at the forefront of events, parties and parades in West Hollywood, Seattle, Las Vegas and New York City. 

if you are a club owner and would like to host a fundraising event, please contact


A fundraising party was held at the Unicorn in Seattle.

KillMeth partnered with Matinee for the San Diego Festival.


What We've Achieved

  • 501(c)(3) status
  • Name recognition
  • Legal representation
  • A reputation

Kill Meth is the proud sponsor of Seattle's SNAP softball team

#Killmeth’s support was unexpected but greatly appreciated. Without it, it would have been a very lean season.
— Marshall Brown